Worrall, Simon (November 28, 2014) Naomi Klein on How Canada’s First Nations Can Take on the Oil Industry and Win; Indigenous peoples may be key to combating climate change, author says. National Geographic. Retrieved June 23, 2015 from

She’s glamorous and brilliant, a mother and a social critic. She has appeared in Vogue and marched with Occupy Wall Street protesters. Her books have been international best sellers—and channeled the zeitgeist, illuminating issues we thought we knew about but didn’t.

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The New York Times has compared Naomi Klein’s new book, This Changes Everything, to Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. In it, Naomi Klein rips up the rule book on climate change—and offers a radical new vision of hope for the future.

Talking from her home in Toronto, she explains how becoming a mother changed her perspective, why Canada’s First Nations may be best placed to halt the Keystone XL pipeline, and what kind of world she hopes her son will grow up in.

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