Norrell, B. (March 18, 2012) Navajo Louise Benally at Occupy Midwest: ‘No’ to Peabody Coal and Indian water rights theft. The Narcosphere. Retrieved July 3, 2012 from

ST LOUIS — Navajo Louise Benally, resisting relocation at Big Mountain, spoke out against Peabody Coal and the three decades of Peabody Coal’s rape of the land, theft of Black Mesa aquifer water and the collusion with politicians devastating Black Mesa and its people.

Speaking at the Occupy the Midwest gathering, Benally urged support to halt the theft of Indian water rights and halt the ongoing push by non-Indians to steal Navajo water rights in Arizona. This includes the machinations underway by Arizona congressmen and non-Indian tribal attorneys.

In St Louis, the home city of Peabody Coal, protesters rallied against the coal giant that has left a dirty trail of disease and destruction on the Navajo Nation, and across America. Benally spoke out against Peabody’s coal mine that continues on Black Mesa, providing coal for one of the nation’s dirtiest and most polluting power plants, the Navajo Generating Station, on the Navajo Nation near Page, Ariz, one of the major contributors to climate change.

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