Gilbert, Geoff (November 5, 2014) #FloodWallStreet Climate Activism: It’s Capitalism, .

“We are unstoppable, another world is possible.” “The people united will never be defeated.” “This is what democracy looks like.” The populist chants rang through Manhattan’s Financial District in a scene that is becoming familiar in our post-recession world of mass economic deprivation and uncertainty. A couple thousand activists, united by concern about corporate-driven climate change, effectively shut down Broadway between Morris Street and Rector Street for over eight hours, unfurling a 300-foot banner that named the reason for their arrival: “Capitalism=Climate Chaos.” The message amounted to nothing less than a direct challenge to the core authoritative institutions of our society: an economic status quo empowered by the political establishment and explained to us through the filter of the corporate-owned press. In keeping with the spirit of the times, the Department of Homeland Security was never far away. Its vehicles lined the sidewalk between the National Museum of the American Indian and Bowling Green Park. Their presence appeared as a stark reminder of the official interpretation of security in these times of mass economic insecurity.

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