Listen to Our KTNN Radio Forum on Just Transition!

From left: Kimberly Howe (Dooda Fracking), Colleen Cooley (BMWC), Janene Yazzie (LCRWCA), Sarana Riggs (Save the Confluence), and Jihan Gearon (BMWC).

Featured photo, from left: Kimberly Howe (Dooda Fracking), Colleen Cooley (BMWC), Janene Yazzie (LCRWCA), Sarana Riggs (Save the Confluence), and Jihan Gearon (BMWC).

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What does a healthy, sustainable economy look like in Dinétah?

On February 28th, 2017, local organizers and activists participated in a two-hour radio forum on KTNN AM 660 on the Navajo Nation. The topic of this forum was centralized on the question of how we shift from a destructive and extractive economy to something more sustainable? And how do we incorporate our traditional teachings and knowledge into a just transition framework? Black Mesa Water Coalition’s, Colleen Cooley introduces the speakers and Roberto Nutlouis is translating to Diné language.

Just Transition is a framework for a fair shift to an economy that is ecologically sustainable, equitable, and just for all its members.

  • Kimberly Howe, from Doodá Fracking, joined and talked about fracking in the Chaco Canyon area. Hydraulic fracturing is the process of which fluids mixed together with water and harsh chemicals are deeply injected into the earth to release natural gas and other oils. This raises concern for water contamination, air pollution, and also leads to negative social impacts that target women and children living in those areas.
  • Nicole Horseherder, a resident of Black Mesa, provided some detail and history on the Navajo Generating Station in Page, Arizona and talked about its upcoming demise in 2019. What does this mean for the community?
  • Janene Yazzie, from the Little Colorado River Watershed Chapters Association, talked about water security and efforts to protect our access to clean drinking water from energy corporation and also addressed climate change as an issue we need to think about in terms of water security.
  • Sarana Riggs, from Save the Confluence, talked about the proposed development of an escalade in the Grand Canyon and addressed the peoples’ biggest concerns. Why shouldn’t the proposed escalade be developed? Will the escalade be economically feasible?
  • Jihan Gearon, from Black Mesa Water Coalition, talked about the just transition framework and what it looks like for the Diné people.
  • Lastly, the speakers reflect on just transition and listeners had the opportunity to comment and ask questions.