(April 9, 2012) IEN Indigenous Rights of Mother Earth Conference. Global Exchange. Retrieved July 3, 2012 from

Global Exchange was honored to be a part of this gathering along with our partners at CELDF, to listen and to learn from Indigenous perspectives on the framework of rights of nature, and to present the work we do with communities confronted by unwanted and dangerous projects to write new laws to recognize legal rights for communities and ecosystems. Under our current system of law, mountaintop removal is legal, fracking is legal, toxic sludge spreading is legal. All of Nature is considered property under the law, for sale to the highest bidder, and corporations are the largest owners? What are we going to do about that? If we want to change our relationship with nature to one of balance, if we want to create vibrant local economies, we have to confront the entire system of law that treats the planet like it’s a “going out of business sale.