Black Mesa Water Coalition


About Us

Roberto Nutlouis and Lillian Hill, two of BMWC's founders, overlook the Black Mesa mine.
Kids at our green jobs rally
Early days at BMWC

About Us

Black Mesa Water Coalition is dedicated to preserving and protecting Mother Earth and the integrity of Indigenous Peoples' cultures, with the vision of building sustainable and healthy communities. BMWC strives to empower young people while building sustainable communities. BMWC was formed in 2001 by a group of young inter-tribal, inter-ethnic people dedicated to addressing issues of water depletion, natural resource exploitation, and health promotion within Navajo and Hopi communities. As young Navajo people brought up in our traditions, and reborn in the environmental justice movement, we at BMWC know we must break our dependence on the fossil fuel industry in order to realize the true potential of our Navajo and Hopi people.

Over our past ten years, BMWC has grown up in many ways, transforming our self from a small, unfunded, primarily reactionary student group to a well-established, non-profit organization that utilizes proactive strategies such as green economic development. We continue to be strongly led by young adults while relying on an inter-generational support network. We hold at our foundation the concept of empowering our people and working in collaboration with surrounding communities and organizations to address the problems we collectively face.

True to our roots, our work is focused on the Black Mesa region. However, because of the region's role as a linchpin for the energy infrastructure of the southwest, the potential impacts of our work span across the Navajo Nation, the southwest, and the country. Combined, our three main program areas force a transition away from the fossil fuel economy, put in place a green economy to replace it, and ensure long-term support for a diversified, community-owned and sustainable way of life.